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Microbiology Glossary

Part 1 - German terms with English translations.

See Grammatical Notes for an explanation of column 2.

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German   English Comments
Laborgerät   Laboratory equipment Laboratory apparatus
Labortier n Laboratory animal  
Laevan pl. Laevane Levan, levans Polymers of fructose
Lag-Phase n Lag phase Period of little or no growth following inoculation, as organisms adapt to a new medium.
Lamelle f,  ,  -en Lamella, lamellae Layers; in bacterial cells, these are probably layers of cytoplasmic membrane material.
laminar adj Laminar Opposite of ‘turbulent’
Lebendzellzahl   Viable cell count  
lebensfähig adj Viable Able to grow (in/on the medium used)
Lebensmittelvergiftung   Food poisoning  
Legionärskrankheit   Legionnaires’ disease Pathogen: Legionella pneumophila; First recognized from an outbreak at a convention of the American Legion (military veterans)
Leistungszahl n Power coefficient (Performance number)
Leistungszahl   Power number = Newton’s number; a measure of power requirement in a stirred reactor; dimensionless
Leitrohr   Draft tube  
Leitungswasser n Tap water Note that ‘Leitung’ can also mean ‘conductivity’, and there is a relatively obscure chemical term, ‘conductivity water’, meaning highly purified water with very low ionic content.
Letheen   Letheen Indicates a mixture of lecithin and Tween used to inactivate antimicrobial agents
Leuchtbakterien   Luminescent bacteria  
Leuchtfeldblende   Field diaphragm Microscopy
Lichtbrechungsindex   Refractive index  
lithotroph adj Lithotrophic Able to live on inorganic media
Löcher   Plaques Areas of no growth (usually circular) on bacterial cultures on solid media, due to destruction of bacteria by bacteriophage (bacterial viruses) (or by attack of Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus)
Lochplatte   Perforated plate  
Lochplatte   Sieve plate  
Lochplatte   Sparger A perforated plate or tube used to produce small bubbles of air in a fermenter
log   log Often used to describe a change by a factor of ten in the viable count
logarithmisch   Logarithmic Often used to describe a situation in which the logarithm of the number of viable organisms increases or decreases linearly with time
Log-Phase n Log phase Growth phase in which cell numbers increase by a constant percentage per unit time (plot of log[cell count] vs. time is a straight line).
lophotrich adj Lophotrichous Having several flagellae at one end of the bacterial cell
LP   LP Long-pass (optical filter); the abbreviation is not commonly used in English.
LP   Safety classification Production systems (esp. involving genetically engineered organisms) are classified in increasing order of safety provisions required, as LP1, LP2, LP3.
Luciferase   Luciferase Enzyme which catalyzes oxidation of luciferin (as in lighting of fireflies)
Luciferin   Luciferin Compound which produces light on oxidation; common in bioluminescence
Lufteinlass m Air inlet  
Luftfilter m Air filter  
Luftmyzel   Aerial mycelia  
Lysogenie   Lysogeny  
Lysozym   Lysozyme An enzyme which dissolves cell walls of some species of bacteria, releasing ‘protoplasts’. If the medium does not contain a relatively concentrated solute such as 20% sucrose, the protoplasts absorb water, swell, and burst.
Lysozym   Lysozyme Enzyme which dissolves cell walls of some Gram-positive  bacteria

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